The Traffic Knitting Paradox

Often when I sit in stationary traffic I go to grab my handbag knitting or crochet project and try and do a few stitches, and unless there is a big accident or total gridlock it is inevitable that as soon as I have it ready in my lap the traffic moves.

I know as an absolute factoid (an item of unreliable information) that if I hadn’t picked up my knitting or crochet the traffic would not have moved.

This is something I have done multiple experiments over the past 2 years so there’s research to back this up.

I call it the Traffic Knitting Paradox.

Don’t believe me? The next time you’re stuck in traffic, grab your knitting or crochet * and see if the traffic starts moving for you.

*Neither Teaandayarn nor Kiwibelleknits endorse or encourage the use of needles or hooks whilst in charge of a moving vehicle and trust you will act as responsible adults.