Dye Day!

Last weekend we went to the dye day that was held at the Auckland Creative Fibre club rooms. Our tutor was the amazing Annette Montgomery from Twisted Zisters.

We dyed 2 pieces of roving – one by adding dye to the pot and another by ‘hand painting’ the roving. I put hand painting in ” because we didn’t really paint it (you can’t really unless you want it felted).

We dyed silk, silk hankies, superwash roving, plain hanks and also played with overdying.

We used pots on the hob, slow cookers, microwaves and also talked about dyeing using the sun

It was a fantastic learning atmosphere – nothing we did was wrong, it was all part of the process of learning what we liked and what we didn’t, what worked and what didn’t. And it was great to see what colours other people put together.

I feel another new fibre hobby coming on……..

Author: Cup of Tea and a Yarn

Kia ora, I'm Gill. A crocheter, knitter, spinner and more recently a weaver and I live in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I love to use New Zealand yarns and fibre from our talented indy dyers

2 thoughts on “Dye Day!”

    1. Hi Pauline, Annette from Twisted Zisters brought them as part of our dyeing kit. I’m sure she’d point you in the right direction 😁


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