To crop or not to crop

Late last year I knitted the Party Top and to my utter suprise it fit me well, (it can be worn out of the house and everything!). Then I knitted the Confetti Crop Top which was another roaring success. And this weekend I cast off Umberellas which also fits perfectly (I made it a lot shorter than the pattern calls for).

Confetti Crop and Part Top

I’m mainly surprised because my swatching is not good. I have read enough to know to do it, so I do. And then when it doesn’t quite match what it’s supposed to match I just wing it. But that’s another conversation..

I have on my needles at the moment the Shifty sweater (another crop) and then this weekend I cast on the Soldotna crop.

Soldotna Crop

These two I have on the needles are pretty short which means I will finish them quickly, which is a bonus and one has short sleeves, even better bonus!

I wonder if by starting my garment adventure and having such good results with these crops it’ll mean that I never do a full length top? And will it limit my knitting repertoire and keep my knitting growth as stunted as the bodies of my sweaters? And can all sweaters just be knitted shorter if you want?

I’m hoping to find out the answer to the last question in Dunedin at one of my Unwind classes 🤞 and I guess time will tell for the other answers.

Author: Cup of Tea and a Yarn

Kia ora, I'm Gill. A crocheter, knitter, spinner and more recently a weaver and I live in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I love to use New Zealand yarns and fibre from our talented indy dyers

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