Kiwi Summer KCAL Invitation

I would like to invite you to a Kiwi Summer Knit and Crochet Along, a KCAL (which I am pronouncing Kay Cal).

Even though summer doesn’t officially start until December, and finishes in March, Labour Weekend at the end of October is definitely the unofficial start. The clocks have gone forward, the temperatures are going up more often than coming down, and summer is definitely in the air. Which is why I’ve decided that the start of the KCAL is going to be the beginning of November.

The rules are a bit fluid at the moment, though the whole idea is to bring attention to New Zealand designers and New Zealand indie dyers.

Pohutakawa Tree, Otumoetai New Zealand

Here are the rules so far (there aren’t many and they are pretty fluid)

  1. The pattern is from a New Zealand Designer
  2. And/or the yarn is from a New Zealand Indie Dyer
  3. Whatever you knit or crochet is completed by the 28th February (this is my randomly chosen end of summer day )
  4. Yes you can use the KCAL to finish something you’ve started and got stuck on
  5. Anyone can join in from wherever you are
  6. Post pics of your finished items on Instagram #kiwisummerKCAL2020 if you want to be in to win*.

*I will get organised and make sure there are some prizes to give away in a random draw at the end that reflect the same theme.


Julie at Wool on Wheels has an amazing directory of NZ Pattern Designers, Yarn shops and Online Yarn Brands (check out the Indie dyers list)

You can also search for New Zealand as the designer country on Ravelry

The Creative Fibre website also has a great directory to look through on

And, as always google is our friend and spits out a good list of NZ Indie Yarn Dyers

Author: Cup of Tea and a Yarn

Kia ora, I'm Gill. A crocheter, knitter, spinner and more recently a weaver and I live in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I love to use New Zealand yarns and fibre from our talented indy dyers

9 thoughts on “Kiwi Summer KCAL Invitation”

  1. Count me in. I’ve been itching to make Siren Song by Libby. Sadly I don’t have any kiwi yarn left in my stash but have something gorgeous waiting. If it were not for Covid I would be in NZ now buying yarn as I visited family. Boo hoo. Would you like me to make a London theme project bag for a prize? I could sneak a piece of Kiwi fabric in?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! Thanks Raelene that’d be amazing and very generous of you 😍
      It’s a shame you’re missing your family visit (and yarn buying too of course!) . I hope you’re keeping safe up there, sounds like things are kicking off again.
      Hopefully the Kcal will help you have a little extra connection back here.


      1. My pleasure and taking part will help with the homesickness. Should have been back now celebrating my son’s 40th birthday today. But knitting and sewing is so calming and productive. I’m looking forward to casting on soon xx


  2. Cool idea. I’m in. I’ll be using NZ indie dyed yarn ( some 4 ply Purple Sprouting) to knit a tee. I’ve been wanting an excuse to cast something new on. ( my current cardigan is at the endless stocking stitch stage, yawn)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gillian…I know you might have already thought about this but could you or will you post this up again so I won’t forget to join in please. Thank you and I think this is a fabulous idea…looking forward to joining and not forgetting about it🤣🙋🏻‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

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