Podcast Notes – 11th January 2023 “Happy 2023”

We haven’t been able to get together again due to a tropical cyclone hitting the North Island of NZ! You can watch our latest podcast here or below.


Gillian cast on AND finished a top already this year!! The pattern is Tin Roof and she made it with yarn from Yeah Yeah Yarn. She made it cropped and enjoyed learning a new joining technique – Russian Crocheted Join – which meant that there was no sewing up!

This year Kylie has been making reusable crochet water balloons using chenille yarn donated from another member of her knit group.

Weaving Sticks caught Gill’s eye last year and she made a lovely long skinny scarf using them! She did the whole thing in a rainy day, and it looks great, especially out of her handspun!!

Giftalong 2022

Kylie finished a few things in the giftalong this year. In the ‘hands’ category, Ferny Mittens & Gloves out of leftover Noro Ginga yarn from previous giftalong projects – it’s a lovely soft bulky yarn which is lovely to work with and the cotton makes it lovely to wear! In the ‘head’ category, Kylie made 4 i-cord headbands for her daughter out of various.

In the ‘other’ category, Kylie knit 2 gnomes durng the giftalong. The December mystery gnome was Gnome Made Gifts which included lots of little accessories for the gnome! The yarns used were a lovely mini set dyed by Roxy Yarns and purchased at The Knit Nook.

Gillian nearly finished her Skip socks, but she has yet to finish the afterthought heels. The yarn used was Cruella’s Natural Fiber Boutique Spritzer – from Cruellas in Nelson (South Island NZ).


Kylie tried to knit Recalibrate during the giftalong, but didn’t quite get there. She’ll get it done in January (hopefully!!). The yarns are both merino linen blends, purple from Life in the Long Grass (purchased at Skein Sisters, Sydney) and green/blue ‘Splash’ from Yeah Yeah Yarn.

Gill’s had a falling out with a couple of projects she’s been working on. Her Ripple Crop Top Worsted holding 2 yarn’s together – BC Garn Bio Balance GOTS and some KiwiYarn-a. The other project she’s fallen out with is her advent project using her 12 day advent set from Purple Sprouting and the Shortest Day Shawl pattern.

Purple Sprouting‘s ‘Jupiter Crash’ and matching mini’s inspired Kylie to cast on a pair of Scrappy Stripy Socks inspired by the recipe by the Crazy Sock Lady.

The Tolkien crochet blanket has been getting some love this year – Kylie has finished the February set. Yarn is from Giddy Yarns in Scotland, and there are 5 x 10g minis for each month of the yar in 2022, Q1 inspired by The Hobbit and Q2-4 inspired by each Lord of the Rings book.

Kylie also dug out her Misurina made with gorgeous yarns from fibre2go. It’s so close to being finished, so it’s top of the list for our Kiwi Summer WIP-along!


Please join us in finishing some of your WIP’s started before 2023! We have at least one prize to giveaway – a skein donated from Purple Sprouting. Thanks Paula!! To enter, dig out a WIP started before 2023 and finish it; then snap a shot and post it on Instagram with #kiwisummerwip in the description. If you don’t have access to Instagram, please drop us an email via the link in this blog.


We talked a little bit about the yarns we got in December – specifically our advent calendars. Kylie’s was from Yeah Yeah Yarn and Gill’s was from Purple Sprouting. We both recieved gorgeous packages from Eskdale Yarns including the West Yorkshire Spinners Christmas 2022 sock yarn and lots of lovely bits and bobs.

Gill did a bit of shopping after we filmed our visit to Purple Sprouting, buying enough yarn to make the Cherry top combining some alpaca fluff and merino yarn – it will be gorgeous!

Podcast Notes – 20th November 2022 – Is it working?

We’re back together! It’s been a busy couple of weeks so grab a cuppa before you watch our latest episode as it’s a long one, full of lots of yarny content!


We started with acquisitions this episode because Gill had been to Loopine that morning to pick up her prize from the Socktober KAL! Thanks Alanna (of Black Cat Knitting Company!!) Gill chose a lovely skein of yarn dyed by Alanna herself! Gill also purchased a gorgeous Schoppelle Wolle Zauberball and some BC Garn Bio Balance in a beautiful purple.

We must have been both thinking about a purple summer yarn because when Kylie visited Skein Sisters in Sydney she got some Life in the Long Grass Linen Merino Singles to make a summer top! She also got a gorgeous set of 5 Life in the Long Grass skeins in their Moon base (Merino/Silk) to make the Aurora Cabin Shawl, which is the Westknits Hiberknitting shawl this year. The chosen colours are Power, Auger, Frosting, Oir and Podzolic. Super fun!

Next up in Kylie’s super fun awesome yarn crawl day was Morris and Sons in York Street where she got 3 balls of Arne & Carlos Regia – to make socks of course!!

Gill was in Christchurch for work so she got to visit Scorpio Books where she grabbed a copy of the new “52 weeks of shawls”, the latest in the Laine 52 weeks book range. This looks like a fantastic book with scarfs and shawls from lots of awesome designers.

Kylie got a lovely package from The Knit Nook which is a new shop in Napier full of gorgeous indie dyed yarn. A gorgeous set of minis from Roxy Fibres “Speckled Pastels”, a purple skein from Nana-Cindy, another purple skein from Dye Studio 54 and a fluffy skein from Yeah Yeah Yarn.

Advent calendars have started to arrive on our doorstep – Gillian got the Purple Sprouting yarn calendar and Kylie is expecting the Yeah Yeah Yarn advent. We’re both expecting one from Eskdale, and Gill is also expecting one from KiwiYarn-A

The last purchase was a copy of the new Shetland Wool Week book. There’s some gorgeous patterns in there including a lace cardigan, slippers, socks, dog coat and a poncho!


Kylie has picked up her Misurina sweater using Fibre2go Silk/Merino. The main colour is Light Hydrangea and the purple contrast yarn is Honesty. This is a lightweight spring/summer project so it got put away during winter, but now it’s become the perfect weather to wear it in so time to get it off the needles!!

The other thing Kylie has been working on is her DRK Everyday socks in her handspun. This has been a very long project as she hates knitting ribbing!! The sock are turning out fabulous though and she’s going to get a lot of wear out of them, so it will be worth it!

Gill has been busy with casting on lots of different projects!! Katia Tokyo yarn is working up super fun in a pair of socks which are matching really well! Another fun set of striping socks is with lefover zauberball and uneek socks.

Shawls that Gill is working on includes the Striped Esjen by Westknits using one of last year’s Christmas yarns from Harnie Hoolie’s in the Frankensense colourway; Raku from Hedgehog and some lovely alpaca fluff from Purple Sprouting. Another shawl is a mix of a few patterns, and a handmade gradient out of 12 x 20g minis. The patterns being used include The Everyday Shawl, Kallara by Ambah O’Brian, the Atiru shawl from Aroha Knits along with a 2 stitch i-cord cast on and edge from the Smash and Puny pattern.

Mittens are still being knit by Gill for her Wellington friends Christmas gifts. The bamboo field mittens are being knit in some lovely green BC Garn Loch Lomond Bio GOTS.

Gill has also been working away at a couple of long term blanket projects including a scrappy granny square crochet blanket as well as adding a few more squares of her mitred square blanket.

Finished Projects

Kylie has been doing some dishclothes for school teacher gifts. She’s been using some Sugar N Cream cotton yarn and a free dishcloth recipe.

The enormous Klementyna crochet shawl is done! It looks fantastic, wouldn’t you agree? It was made using a Scheepjes fingering weight cotton whirl in the Pistachi oh so nice colourway, purchased at Good Wool Hunting. Here’s a copy of the chart which is free on pinterest:

Gillian finished 2 pairs of mittens – the first using the Sock Hands pattern and some Miro Yarns BFL. The second pair using the Pioneer Gloves pattern and the most perfect yarn that she has ever knit with. The wool for the yarn comes from Starcrest Farm, which we bought some fibre off when we were in New Plymouth – the yarn is Wild Earth Yarns Aspen 4ply in the Hickory colourway.

And of course Gill has done some gorgeous spinning, using 2 Twisted Zisters batts combined together to make a gorgeous gradient handspun yarn.

Kylie shared her last 2 gnomes today. Choose Your Gnome Adventure was the most recent mystery gnome, allowing for the selection of the gnome size and yarn size. A Christmas gift gnome was made using the Never Not Gnoming pattern, which is a lovely go to basic gnome (and actually is the first of Imagined Landscapes’ many gnome patterns!)

Machine Knitting

Kylie has been busy on her sock knitting machine – playing with the new 72 needle cylinder and ribber. Gillian stayed after we podcasted and knit two sock blanks so watch this space to see them transform into wearable socks in the near future!

Giftalong 2022

This year is the 10th year of the Indie Design Gift-A-Long. @indiegiftalong on Instagram.; #giftalong2022 and #GAL2022 on socials.

What is Gift-A-Long? Itโ€™s a multi-designer promotion to help you kick your holiday gift-making into high gear!

The Indie Design Gift-A-Long is an almost 6 week long KAL/CAL of holiday gifts made from patterns designed by a rather extensive list of independent designers. From November 22nd, 2022 at 5:00 pm US Eastern time zone to December 31, 2022 at midnight US Eastern time zone there will be fun games, contests, and 8 KAL/CALs that will help you get your holiday knitting and crocheting done with companionship and fun! You can read all about the details in this post: click here, or on the FAQ page in our group pages.

Podcast Notes – 19th September 2022 – all the crafts and some slightly dodgy pronunciation…

This week is Te Reo Maori week in New Zealand, so we attempted to share a little Te Reo with you – apologies for dodgy pronunciation!

Gillian has been busy up in Auckland with work this week, and looking forward to getting home for the weekend. Kylie has been busy single parenting this week, and her eldest turned 13 his week. It’s been busy and we’re both looking forward to a bit of a rest this weekend.


Kylie has been working on her Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry. The yarns she is using gradiate top down from Strawberry Patches, Purple Sprouting, Qing Yarn (Purchased from Little Woollie Makes) and Squiggle Yarn.

Gillian has been working on a pair of long socks with a special set of matching sock yarn from Uneek Yarns. She’s using some BFL from Purple Sprouting Yarns for the contrasting toes/heels/cuffs.

We’ve both got lots of other WIP’s in the works of course, but that’s what’s been getting the most love recently.


Kylie has finished a single sock – just a basic sock using some Opal yarn purchased from Loopine. 64 stitches on DPN’s with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.

Gillian has been very busy finishing all the things!! Firstly, she finished a gorgeous pair of knee high socks using the whole ball of West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn from Christmas 2021. She did a 60 stich circumference and increased as she went up the leg to ensure they fit, and did a nice big section of ribbing at the top so they stay up well.

Kylie has finished her stack of ‘Middle Earth Minis’ Granny Squares using minis from Giddy Yarns. She’s finished January (The Hobbit) and April, May, June (The Fellowship of the Ring). She can’t do any more until the next quarter’s shipment which will also include February and March ๐Ÿ˜€

Gillian has finished her Rift sweater by Jacqueline Cieslak using some gorgeous handspun yarn made from Fibre2go braids. Alterations needed to be made to make it a bit longer, and short rowing at the back for a bit of shaping.

Another FO for Gill is The Shift cowl by Andrea Mowry made with Purple Sprouting Yarns in the Bertie and In Too Deep colourways. This pattern is written for 3 sportweight yarns, so Gil just knit the whole thing with just 2 colours, and went down in needle size.

Gill has also completed a gorgeous green Huatau (Which is Te Reo Maori for ‘Graceful’) hat by Aroha Knits out of her handspun from Heavenly Wools Silk/Merino. She decreased the number of stitches from what was recommended after reading all of the comments which suggested it was a slouchy fit. Gill has since cast on some mittens in the leftovers from this project.

Gill has also finished some mitts using instructions from Tracey of ThePassioKnitSpinner. Phew!! That’s everything finished in the last couple of weeks!

What we’re wearing

Kylie is wearing her Waterverf top by Alfa Knits which has a really interesting construction on the shoulders giving it lots of structure. It has a lovely flare at the bottom of the shoulders and the bottom of the top using a feather and fan motif. The yarn is from a Circus Tonic fade set, as well as a skein from The Yarnkeeper.


Kylie has been able to do some spinning using her ‘good’ ankle on her single tredle Ashford Traditional wheel, spinning some batts from Fibre2go. The plan is to spin one batt in one direction, the second batt in the other direction, the weave them with one as the warp and one as the weft, as per this video from JillianEve.

GIllian spun the other batt she purchased from Fibre2go, and plied them on themself.

Both of us are participating in the “Spin Together” event which is October 1-8. We are in “Team tinyStudio”. It will be great to have inspiration to get spinning!!


Gillian did an order from Yarn On when they had a sale last week – she’ll be able to show them next podcast!

Kylie has a sock knitting machine heading her way, so watch this space for more news on that when it comes! It’s going to make it’s first appearance at the Socktober ‘crank-in’ at our local group in South Auckland.

Westknits MKAL

It’s that time of year again where knitters all over the world are talking all things Westknits MKAL!! Kylie has participated in every year since the second MKAL, and has since knit the first one as well!! So it’s no surprise that she’s joining in again this year!! Stash diving has produced a gorgeous colour palette:

  • MC1 is from MaxiMoo “Coal for Christmas” – a lovely grey based verigate with pops of mustard, green and red
  • MC2 is from Bendigo Woollen Mills – a charcoal colour which will be a nice contrast to MC1
  • Colour POP is from Fibrespates in a rich red luxuriousness of silk and merino. Kylie originally purchased this at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, but it can be found at Knit n Stitch here in NZ]

Podcast Notes – 14th August 2022 – a bit stop starty…

Episode Link

We had some technical difficulties this episode!! Thanks for bearing with us! Gill has been tripping around a bit in the south island, so she’s had a nice opportunity to wear her winter wollies!!

Works in Progress

Kylie has started a simple granny square blanket with “The Hobbit” minis pack from Giddy Yarns.

Gill has started The Rift with two handspun yarns – a cropped, long sleeve stripy top. Can’t wait to see this finished! It’s so very colourful!!

Gill has made great progress on her sparkly Christmas knee high socks using West Yorkshire Spinners in the “Vintage Sparkle” colourway.

Lastly, Gill cast on a fun triangular shawl using a Hedgehog Fibres yarn (Hawk?!) and a schopell-woolle gradient set. She’s making it up as she goes, knitting across in each colour before turning and it’s giving a lovely texture!


Kylie and Gill both finished a test knit for Theresia of The Passioknit Spinner, in Germany (You can find her on YouTube, Ravelry and Patreon). The new pattern is a project bag called “Skrabucket” and will be released 20th August. It is a great scrapbuster as it uses 2 ply’s of fingering weight yarn. We both used an automatic french knitter for our icord which made things even quicker!

Kylie had some fun on a friend’s circular sock machine and knit a pair of socks in two sittings. Self-striping yarn was used for the pair

Kylie also finished a gnome! Nice to Gnome You knitted in DK weight instead of fingering weight, and alpaca is all over for a lovely soft finish.


Gillian finished some gorgeous dark and moody yarn which was a 2 ply – one ply from fibre2go and the other was a mix of Ashford mill ends Weather Wools.


Kylie has had some fun sewing underwear the last couple of weeks because she ‘attended’ The International Bra Sewing Bee – an online conference with lots of tutorials for bra making. You can still access the content if you are interested. Kylie loves using the kits from Nellie Jones, and she actually has a free download for getting started sewing bras!


Gill had the pleasure of visiting the Ashford Shop down in Ashburton, where she purchased a ball of Opal, some Ashford sock yarn and a Rigid Heddle book.

Kylie bought some ‘boring grey yarn’ to make the Katniss Cowl for her daughter’s upcoming book week. She’ll probably used the Huntress Cowl pattern.

Podcast Notes – 30th July – Socks & Spinning

We’re in person again today – how nice is it to have the freedom to move around New Zealand again!! Join us as we chat about WIP’s, FO’s and other yarny shenanigans.

Gill was at Fibretron last weekend helping out Julie from Wool on Wheels.

Kylie couldn’t make Fibretron, but she took her parents to a lovely cafe in south/rural Auckland – The Lavender Farm.


Gill finished a blanket for her sister which was a huge success (thankfully!) – it was already gifted so we couldn’t show it. The pattern is Ruby Knights and Gill knit it in a lovely undyed Romney yarn from Wild Earth Yarns.

Gill also finished a large ‘shlanket’ from Westknits called the Scrap Happy Triangle including lots of lovely scraps from lots of different dyers – we mentioned Knot ‘n Tie as we were talking about it.

Kylie has finished some simple vanilla socks using yarn from Mrs Peacock Yarns in the “Peace on Earth” colourway, which was a Christmas colourway purchased from Loopine. The pattern used included a “Fleegle Heel” and is a free pattern from Ravelry – Your New Favorite Toe-Up Sock.

Gill also finished some socks using the Heel Toe Do Si Do pattern and some gorgeous King Cole Zig Zag yarn which she finished on the way home from FibreEd.

FibreEd Show & Tell

Gill finished a gorgeous macrame pot holder during her macrame class. It was surprising to know that there were only 2 different knots used in the process!

Kylie did a t-shirt yarn class and made a crochet basket from t-shirt yarn. She’s been making lots of yarn from op-shop ‘rejects’ so that she can teach the technique at the September Auckland Creative Fibre Retreat.

Sashiko-inspired stitching was a class Kylie and Gill did together and we made a gorgeous pin cushion using a pottery item provided by the teacher.

Kylie also did a freeform knitting class and is slowly getting there with the project she started during the class. It will become a bag for her daughter.


Gill is working on a super cute and fun shawl called Studs using a possom based background yarn and a fun colourful yarn from Purple Sprouting – colourway “Meadow Mornings”.

Kylie’s working on a vanilla sock out of some lovely self striping/patterning Opal Frenche Freunde in the Lausbub colourway.

Gill has started a scarf which might become a jumper!!! She’s made 2 magic balls – greens and pinks and is using The Morrison Scarf which is a free pattern on ravelry.

Gill’s also working on a glittery knee high stripy socks using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature Yarn – in the 2022 Christmas colourway, which came in our Christmas gift set from Eskdale Yarns last year – that’s where we got our great scissors we mentioned earlier!


At Fibretron, Gill got a lovely new bag from In Stitches, some fibre from Fibre2go. A skein from Knot ‘n Tie called “K-bars”, a skein from MoonRise Yarn Co which is a teal resist dyed yarn. A laceweight gradient cake dyed by DyeStock Yarns – her payment for helping out Julie from Wool on Wheels. Uneek yarn self-striping yarn

Kylie only bought 1 skein of yarn at FibreEd!! But lots of fibre ๐Ÿ˜€ The skein of yarn is a DK weight yarn from Fibre2go. From Weather Wools – Some purple Rolags and a lovely moody gradient braid of Gotland/Silk.

Gill and Kylie both bought some braids from a lady in the south island who doesn’t sell online. We also bought some gorgeous undyed Polworth/Silk from StarcrestFarm – a lovely couple in the south island farming their own sheep and marketing the fibre and spun yarn locally.

Tour de Fleece

Kylie hurt her ankle the day before tour de fleece begun, but wasn’t going to let that stop her from participating, so she used her nano e-wheel (thanks Gill for the encouragement!!).

The first skein spun was using some ‘special fibre’ from Fibre2go – 60% black merino and 40% dyed silk. Spun worsted and chain plied to a fingering weight yarn.

The second skein is a BFL/nylon braid from Cat & Sparrow Fibres. Spun as a gradient going through the rainbow for 1/2 of the yarn then into black for the other half. Spun woolen, from the fold and plied 2 ply.

Kylie also finished her combo spin that was started last year for a sweater project! The sweater is long finished, and now the fibre is too! Spun worsted, plied 2 ply.

Art Yarn spinning using “The Big Book of Fibery Rainbows” micro-colour change corespun yarn. After a bit of play, a yarn design came to mind using the undyed Polworth/silk fibre from Starcrest Farm and it’s very exciting!!

Gill spun some Corriedale purchased from Fibre2go at the FibreEd event.

Podcast Notes – 9th May – feels like it’s been ages…

Kylie brought an uninvited guest home from her hols so it’s been a wee while since we caught up. That just means we have heaps of crafty projects to talk about ๐Ÿ˜€ And a wee bonus of a visit to a really cute yarn shop.


Kylie cast on a plain vanilla sock out of some super soft Mrs Peacock Yarns (colourway “Peace on Earth”). There will be a fleegle heel, which i’m using the pattern Your New Favorite Toe-Up Sock.

Gill is also knitting some self-striping socks with yarn from Narrative Yarns. She released some Anzac Day stitch-markers so Gill is using that too ๐Ÿ˜€ The pattern of these socks is Charade.

Kylie’s also made lots of progress on her DRK Everyday Socks which she is knitting out of handspun from StitchPunk, spun into a Crepe construction. There’s an article in knitty about this construction.

Gill is super close to finishing her Jeck socks – she just needs to do the second afterthought heel! The main yarn is from Nana-Cindy (Colourway “Lithium”) with the contrast heel/toe/cuff out of a Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball.

Gill has cast on a gorgeous new cardigan called Retro by Kirsten of Skein Australia. The main colour is Prosper Yarn and the striped yarns are Fibre2go and some yarn from Lochanside purchased from Wool on Wheels.

Kylie’s done a wee bit of work on her Yeah Yeah Sweater, but it’s gone into devil’s corner for a bit.


Gnome Pun Intended was knit by Kylie out of her handspun that she is using for her DRK socks, as well as a free mini from Dreamfire Yarns.

We both made mitts!! Gill made some gorgeous patterned mitts using some Nana-Cindy yarn (Colourway “Lithium”). She was super clever and used the Socks on a Plane cable for the pattern. Kylie’s mitts were made using some worsted BFL from Yeah Yeah Yarn and a free pattern called the Cozy Cuffed Mitts.

Gillian has finished a gorgeous Reis sweater – all out of her handspun yarn!!! The braids for her handspun came from lots of kiwi dyers including Fibre2go and Heavenly Wools and some from Dye Candy (purchased from Nana-Cindy).

Kylie finally finished a big shawl she’s been working on for about 6 months – the Brioband shawl. Most of the yarn is from Stephen and Penelope in Amsterdam. Dyers include Undercover Otter, GarnStories, Skein (Australia) and Yarn Therapy (NZ).

Kylie’s Cross-Stitch’s are from Spruce Craft Co. They have been fun little projects.

Gill has finished some gorgeous spinning using fibre from fibre2go and (i think?!!!) Weather Wools. She also made some skeins of mock-tweed yarn using a tutorial from the Passioknit Spinner (on her Patreon). This is recreating the Hedgehog Fibres Tweed which is stunning, but quite pricey!! Kylie is planning on doing a similar spin at some point.

Shawl Musings

We had a discussion on if you can ever have too many shawls. Gill gives hers away or frogs her shawls when she’s fallen out with them, or doesn’t wear them anymore. Kylie has filled up her shawl box so there’s no room for anymore shawls!! Do you think you can have too many shawls? What do you do with shawls (or knits in general) that you don’t use anymore, or have fallen out with?


Kylie got a gorgeous “Crafts & Wine” pin from a bookshop in Mudgee (rural NSW). The pin was made by Jubly-Umph.

Gill did a spot of shopping with Loopine to get some needles and some very pretty and practical Cascade sock yarn as well as a Pom Pom Magazine.

Kylie did some shopping with Dreamfire Yarn to get some yarn for contrasting heels and toes for DK socks (she does an amazing wool/nylon DK yarn base for heavier socks!). She does some great stitchmarkers with both a lobster clasp and a loop!

Gillian also got some lovely Ashford Handcarders to get more creative with her handspinning preparation!

In the Blue Mountains (inland from Sydney) Kylie was able to visit a couple of yarn shops. At The House of Wool she purchased some Malibrigo fibre, a pom pom and some gorgeous soft as silk Fine Merino/Nylon sock yarn hand dyed by the lovely owner of the shop. At The Granny Square Katoomba she purchased some Regia Cotton sock yarn and a gorgeous skein of Manos Del Uruguay.

Coming Up…

At the end of May we have Woolfest – the biggest yarn event in the NZ calendar year, with over 70 traders! It’s 28th May 10am-4pm at Kumeu showgrounds, so please come and join us! Don’t forget to say hello if you see us – we love to meet our viewers!

Podcast Notes – 28th March 2022

We’re in person today!!! It’s been busy busy for us both, but we managed it! You can check out the podcast here.

What we’re knitting

Gillian cast on a WestKnits Reis Jersey with lots of her gorgeous handspun, including yarn spun with roving from Heavenly Wools, Fibre2go and a few other kiwi indi dyers.

Kylie has been busy with the Sock Madness competition. The first round of the competition is a gorgeous pair of socks called Ipomoea knit out of a Crazy Zauberball which i won from Loopine during the Socktober Competition last year, so it’s lovely to have knit this yarn up!!

Gill has been knitting some gorgeous socks too using some King Cole on the Crazy Sock Lady Heel Toe Do Si Do pattern, which is a gorgeous chevron pattern – a wonderful way to make a self striping sock yarn sing!

Gill has also cast on a very pretty cowl called the Gambit Cowl which is a chessboard/houndstooth pattern, double sided cowl. Yarns used are a sparkle sock from Harnie Hoolies and a Tweedy yarn from Yeah Yeah Yarn.

Kylie has finished crocheting all of the squares from both of the Waiting Blanket kits purchased from Little Woollie Makes. Each square was made using a ball of Moya Trilogy. The squares are being joined using a Moya shimmer yarn with slipped stitches through the back loop to crease a flat seam.


Kylie has been busy with the Sock Madness competition. The qualifying pair was the pattern Engelkristal knit fraternal in a green/blue combination out of Outlaw Sock Bandit yarn. They have ended up a bit small, but i’m sure we’ll find someone they fit!

Kylie made a Comfort Coffee Cozy as a swatch – a very simple brioche coffee cozy – so i don’t burn my hand when i drink my long black coffee!

Gill has finished her Fiddly Bits Cowl out of random leftover striped and it looks fantastic! Another finished project that couldn’t be shown (because they have already been posted!) are the Easy Mosaic Socks which were knit out of yarn from Purple Sprouting. Here’s a picture – aren’t they beautiful!

Another gorgeous project Gill has finished, is a cute little Flax Light from Tin Can Knits using some super soft Miro Yarns.

Kylie has finished her Scrap Yarn Basket using 3 fingering weight yarns and 3 DK yarns held together and a 9mm crochet hook.

Stash Enhancement

“Sunflower Safari” from Inky Fingers Yarn was purchased by Gill. The proceeds of this yarn went towards Ukranian Relief funds.

Gill visited Nancy’s Stitch Studio in Wellington and purchased a Kaffe Fassett Mille Fluer embroidery kit and a ball of Regia Design Line also by Kaffe Fassett, which she kindly gifted Kylie since she found it was already in her stash! She also bought a ball of Joy! Opal Joy yarn from The Yarn Queen.

Kylie was fortunate enough to win some yarn from Yeah Yeah Yarn – a sweaters quantity to make the Yeah Yeah Sweater by Dana Kikic Nemmert Boredom Kills Designs. This was a competition back in January between the designer and the yarn dyer – so very generous and i’m so grateful for this gorgeous yarn!


We talked about a couple of books we both got recently. Brioche Knitting for Beginners and Beyond is the first printed book from Knit Grafiti Designs. Kylie has already started swatching for Coffee and Jewels, while Gill has her eyes on Glitz and Glamour.

We also purchased a book together – The Shetland Trader Book 3: Heritage since there was a pattern we both liked in it. There are lots of gorgeous patterns such as Vair and Maywick – lots of colourwork and chevrons which we can’t seem to get enough of!!


Kylie has been listening to a podcast called Check Your Thread which has been challenging. It has challenged me to think more sustainably about making and teaching me new ways of doing things, like using Waste Free patterns and working more from stash “The most sustainable fabric is the fabric you already have.”

Podcast Notes – 9th March 2022 – the germs got us…

Click here to view podcast.

Apologies for such a large gap in our podcasts – we got hit by germs!! Thankfully neither of us have had Covid, but it seems we have fallen victim to another lurgy of sorts! We’re back! But Kylie still has a sore throat, so you’ll just have to bare with us today ๐Ÿ˜€

Finished Objects (FO’s)

Kylie has finished a hat! Pattern is the Barley Light (free!) from Tin Can Knits in some gorgeous 50/50 Merino/Silk yarn from Yarn Floozy in her ‘Savant’ base. Colourway is “Tourmaline”. This hat has been knit as a swatch for an upcoming garment project, and my daughter has already got dibs on it! We think it needs a fabulous fluffy pom pom – what do you think?

Gill finished a cardigan – and didn’t rip it back!!! It’s a design by Ambah O’Brien called the Ochre Cardigan and it looks devine! Gorgeous lace detail on the bottom of the cardigan as well as the edge of each sleeve. It is knitted by holding 2 yarns together – one yarn is from one of our local group’s alpaca farm (no longer trading), and the other was from Harnie Hoolie’s.

Gill has finished some amazing spinning – some hot pink yarn which she has chain plied. This yarn has ended up sport-DK weight. And some incredible dark purple yarn which was constructed by corespinning, then spiral plying!! This yarn was spun from some purple fibre from Nelson. It might become the edging for a sweater Gill is working on.

Works in Progress (WIP’s)

Sock Madness is on again this year, and Kylie can’t help herself but join along!! The first pattern is a qualifying pattern called Eingelkristall which is a gorgeous 2 colour stripped, cabled sock pattern. Yarn is Outlaw Yarn’s Sock Bandit in colourways “Adventure Jelly” and “Frolic Jelly”. Kylie has 2 weeks to knit these socks in order to qualify for the competition.

Gill has cast on a Lightweight Hipster shawl by Joji Locatelli. She can’t remember what the yarn is but it’s a lovely tweedy yarn purchased at Woolfest. Gill is altering the pattern to suit her whim! Lots of texture in this one.

Gill cast on a Flax Light (another free Tin Can Knits pattern!) as a baby gift project but had some needle woes!

Kylie has been slowly working on her Misurina top by Caitlin Hunter. Nearly through the colourwork section! Yarn is from fibre2go.

All the scrappy knits!

Gill and Kylie have both been channeling a bit of scrappy knitting this year! We’ve found that weighing scraps and sorting them into ‘sizes’ by weight can be helpful for planning out scrap projects.

Kylie has started a Scrap Yarn Basket (another free pattern!) using a 9mm hook and 3 strands of 4-ply yarn + 3 strands of 8-ply yarn.

Gill has started a Scrap Happy Triangle designed by Stephen West. This is a lovely scrappy shawl project with a very funky spine design!

Both Kylie and Gill have started a NorthEasterly scrappy blanket designed by Skeinanigans. Kylie shared hers this week as she has been working on it quite a bit. If you are looking for some scrappy kits, Little Woollie Makes does some amazing mini kits each month – join her on instagram and get on her mailing list to be advised of when they come available as they sell out quickly.

Kylie also shared her Vivid blanket project because she has knit a few recently and has also been reblocking them recently – to 7″ squares. There are 26 squares completes so far but lots to go!!!

Knitting Chat

We talked about our knitting styles a bit during this podcast. Kylie likes the more difficult, patterned sections, while Gill prefers the ’round and round’ sections. We both agree that ‘chunking’ is the way to get things done – little bits of pattern followed by plain sections for example. Patterns that can be broken down into little bits – where it feels like you have done a bit and achieved something!

Gill is thinking about doing a colourwork garment – with small sections of colourwork followed by a bit of plain.


Gill got to visit the Ribbon Rose in Mount Wellington while she was working! She purchased a “Schoppel Zauber Perlen” in colourway “Piano Forte”. This is a fairly recent release from Schoppel and includes 7 mini balls across a gradient from one colour to the next. It’s like one of their Zauberballs, but you get to control where the colours change – very cool!! She also got a skein of “Broadway Yarns” in the Autumn Days colourway and a skein of “Malibrigo”.

Both Kylie and Gill bought some raffle tickets from Little Acorn Yarn for the Ukraine people – funds going directly to Red Cross. This fundraiser finishes at midnight 11th March so get in quick!!

Kylie discovered a new-to-her Wellington based yarn company – Good Wool Hunting. They had 20% of Chiagoo Needles, so she got a set of mini’s to add to her tools. Kylie also purchased a ball of sport-weight Opal sock yarn (Colourway ‘Rain of Smiles’ – 150g ball!! I haven’t seen this before, so thought it would be good to give it a try. The Chiagoo needles discount is no more, but they now have 20% off their West Yorkshire Spinners Yarn, so go check them out!

Kylie also signed up for the WestKnits annual YAL (Yarn a-long) which is a fully inclusive kit for 3 exclusive shawls purchased through the Stephen & Penelope Shop. They are still available if you are interested in joining me, you can check it out here.

We also both got a new Brioche book – but we forgot to bring them along, so we’ll show this next podcast ๐Ÿ˜€

Knit-a-long’s (KAL’s)

Kylie is joining the Loopine “Sweata Weatha” KAL which starts Friday 11th March and goes through to 28th May. The KAL is to knit a sweater using yarn purchased from Loopine. This is kicking off with a Virtual Knit Night on Friday 11th – check out her instagram for more information.

We also talked about the Drea Renee Knits KAL which also goes from March to May hosted on her ravelry group – the KAL is to knit one of her sweater designs in this time. You could join both of these KAL’s by knitting a DRK sweater design using yarn from Loopine!!

Podcast Notes – 16th Jan 2022 – Spinning a Yarn

This week we visited the Morrinsville Cream of the Country Spin In, which was hosted by the local Waikato Creative Fibre group. We hope the background noise isn’t too much for you all!! Morrinsville is ‘famous’ for the gorgeous cows that decorate the main street – check out Herd of Cows for more information if you are interested.


Since we’re at an event, we just HAD to do some stash enhancement!

Gill got some beautiful fibre from Kane Carding, some gorgeous Merino/Silk Sliver from Fibre2Go, some 50/50 Merino/Silk from Weather Wools, and with some gorgeous yarn minis from Purple Sprouting.

Kylie got some bits and bobs from Puddles & Quiltbooks and some black and white yarn minis from Fibre2Go for a Huddling Penguins Beanie.

Kylie also talked about receiving her first PomPom magazine subscription.

What we’re knitting on

Gill has been spinning at the spin-in on some Dye Candy fibre – just gorgeous!

Kylie brought her nano electric spinning ‘wheel’ to work on some very fine yarn out of ‘Unicorn Kisses’ Fibre from Fibre2Go.

Kylie is still knitting on her Summer Madness Top in Prosper Yarn Merino/Linen (Project Link).

Gill has been knitting with Katia Tokyo sock yarn on some plain vanilla socks (Meeting socks!!). She’s also knitting an amazing top which is a combination of the Elton cardigan stripping, the Love Note body shaping and the Mount Pleasant, which she is wearing. The yarn is Purple Sprouting Siri Silk Cloud and 4ply Deluxe Fingering in the ‘Holly Go Lightly’ colourway.

What We’re Wearing

Kylie is wearing her CityScape top again, and she’d love to make another one, but in fingering weight yarn – the one she’s wearing is sport weight which is what the pattern recommends.

Gill is wearing her Mount Pleasant made out of Black Forest Yarns.


Kylie finished some golf club covers this week for her Dad’s birthday out of random stash using the Handknit Golf Club Covers which is a free pattern on ravelry. She also finished Gnombleberry – her mystery gnome from December, and made Gnewt, the little fella that matched as well – all part of the Leave Gnome Stone Unturned pattern. Kylie decided not to knit Gnombleberry’s backpack for Gnewt to sit in.

Gill finished her Mount Pleasant top made out of Black Forest Yarns. It has a gorgeous lace section at the bottom and dropped sleeves. She made the sleeves a bit longer than the pattern suggested. Gill also finished Socks on a Plane out of Opal (Colourway 9282 Feuerwerk).

Gill has also spun some gorgeous core spun spiral plied yarn. The fibre is a Corriedale braid from Yeah Yeah Yarn (her shop is currently closed until the next update – Sunday 23rd January). She followed a tutorial from the PassioKnit Spinner (You can find her videos on YouTube and Patreon)

Coming Up

Gill is heading to Queenstown for work so we’ll see how we go podcasting within a couple of weeks. Otherwise, we will be able to catch up early Feb in person.

Thanks for watching!

Is it knitting at work or working while knitting? ๐Ÿงถ

I am lucky that I work with people who recognise that if Iโ€™m knitting it doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m not working.

When I have to think about a piece of work Iโ€™m putting together, and I need that moment of peace to gather my thoughts I pick up my knitting and the next minute the keyboard is rattling away. I also knit in meetings, i feel it helps me to concentrate.

Researchers theorise that doodling helps the brain remain active compared to the strain of paying single-minded continuous attention.

So, if the knitting is an easy project then taking the research and swapping the word doodling to knitting is really not a stretch. Donโ€™t you think?