What a heel!

  • After thought
  • Forethought
  • Fish lips kiss
  • Short row
  • Flap and gusset
  • Fleegle
  • And……

If you are a sock knitter, you may have seen your fav heel on the list.

I don’t know about you, but how well the heel looks, (i.e. lack of holes) is my number one indicator of whether I’ve done a good job knitting a pair of socks.

When I gift socks, the compliments and thanks are usually all about the pattern and how well it fits. I’m like, “yeah, yeah, that’s all good, but look at that heel!”

My favourite is the Fleegle heel. The first time I tried it was the first time I knitted a sock that didn’t have holes in it, there were no pesky stitches to pick up and, the short rows seemed to just disappear into the sock.

The Fleegle heel gave me the confidence to carry on with sock knitting, so much so that I’ve started to branch out and try other types. I recently tried the forethought heel (twice now, I feel like I’m getting better!) and, I’m almost able to enjoy the heel flap and gusset now too.

Do you have a favourite that is your goto?

Author: Cup of Tea and a Yarn

Kia ora, I'm Gill. A crocheter, knitter, spinner and more recently a weaver and I live in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I love to use New Zealand yarns and fibre from our talented indy dyers

4 thoughts on “What a heel!”

  1. I never heard of a forethought heel before. I have tried out afterthought but it comes out short for my high instep. I had bought the FLK heel pattern long ago but haven’t tried it out yet b/c I had read it (and the Fleegle) wasn’t for high insteps. The heel flap construction works for my arches the best as far as I know.

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