My Scrappy Sweater

I had 3 magic balls of sock yarn scraps and was about to start on another scrappy granny square blanket, and I just wasn’t feeling it. You know how you start something and it already feels like more work than fun? That’s the feeling I was getting from the blanket.

I’ve been looking at crochet sweater designs for a while and was umming and ahhing over those as well, so in the end the scrappy crochet blanket and the crochet sweater joined forces.

I love it so much and can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can pair it with a skirt and tights.

This is my recipe

I wanted to make use of what I had learned about knitting raglan sweater patterns, so using a 4mm hook I chained 108 to start, (enough to get over my head and a bit to spare) and set up for raglan increases, 36, 18, 36, 18.

Rather than a full on granny square corner I did 2 trebles chained 1 and then 2 more trebles in the corners for my raglan increases. I kept on increasing every round until the the raglan line was 8 inches (which is the same as one of my knitted ones that I quite like the fit of) then joined in the round.

Trying on as I went I just went round and round until it was as long as I wanted. There is no shaping in the arms either, so just round and round again until they were bracelet length.

Using the same yarn for the cuffs and waist I knitted a 2 x 1 rib to give it a more fitted waist and a bit of a balloon arm.

Lastly, I gave it a wash and laid it flat to dry.

Author: Cup of Tea and a Yarn

Kia ora, I'm Gill. A crocheter, knitter, spinner and more recently a weaver and I live in the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand. I love to use New Zealand yarns and fibre from our talented indy dyers

9 thoughts on “My Scrappy Sweater”

  1. That jumper is inspired! I love it! I know just what you mean about starting a project and knowing right away it isn’t what you want to make. It’s astonishing how often we just slog on, though; I’ve got through entire jumpers only to finally accept that they were wrong from the start.


    1. Thank you 😁
      I don’t think I’ve ever gone a whole jumpers worth I don’t have that kind of staying power for something I’m not enjoying, that’s pretty amazing that you’ve slogged away that much, well done!


  2. Are you able to provide a general pattern for this? I know how to do all the stitches with both crochet and knitting you mentioned, but figuring out the basic shape is not something I have ever done without a guide. Any assistance would be great-I love your final product and have lots of scraps of yarn to use up. Thank you!


    1. Hiya Amy.
      The basic shape is based on a granny square and a top down raglan sweater.
      The raglan usually has a formula of about 1/3 of the sts for the back, 1/3 for the front and 1/6 each for the sleeves.
      I started off with three trebles (uk) in the first stitch, missed two chains and then three trebles in the next stitch and so on. Once I had that, I worked out the raglan shape and increased with three trebles one chain three trebles to make the ‘corners’ of the granny square, (i.e. the increases of the raglan).
      From there it was a bit trial and error. Increasing until it fit over my head and the corners of the granny square could meet under my armpit comfortably.
      Once the top part fitted I carried on without increasing and missing out the armholes until it was long enough. Then did the arms the same, just round and round without increasing until they were long enough.

      Ermmmm. I’m obviously not good at writing patterns 😂 sorry!
      I hope this gets you started.


      1. Thank you!
        To clarify, are your “granny clusters “ made with 2 trebles? I’ve always done 3 double crochet (US ) for my clusters. I want to make sure I understand well before I try my hand at this.
        Also, at what point did you join your work to begin working in the round? Was it from the beginning after chaining 108?
        Thanks again for taking the time to answer 😊


      2. My granny clusters are the same way as you with three double crochet (us). And yes, I joined my chain and worked in the round straight away. I don’t think I’ll be a pattern writer anytime soon 😃

        Good luck. I hope you have fun 🤩


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