Podcast Notes – 27th January 2023 “Makes & Mades”

Makes & Mades

Circular Sock Machine (CSM) Makes

Kylie has been playing with her CSM and Regia yarns. When she was having some issues, she did some tension swatching to try and figure out issues. This is always a good idea when you are working with machines in general, and it’s a great trouble shooting exercise too!

Finished Items

Kylie has finished her first pre-2023 WIP cast on. It’s an amigurami Nibbler (a character from Futurama). This was started in 2015 for Comic-con! It’s a free pattern which you can view on a blog, or ravelry.

Gillian made a couple of baby beanies using the Heirloom Hat’s pattern from Purl Soho – also a free pattern available on the Purl Soho website or ravelry.


Gillian has frogged her Ripple Crop and cast on a Rib Lace Raglan (Ravelry Link) by James Watt. The yarn is BC Garn Bio Balance GOTS (wool/cotton blend) purchased from Loopine Wool.

Kylie’s handbag knitting has been her pair of Scrappy Stripy Socks inspired by the recipe by the Crazy Sock Lady using Purple Sprouting‘s ‘Jupiter Crash’ and matching mini’s.

We’ve both been working on our handspun socks. Kylie is using the DRK Everyday Sock pattern by Drea Renee Knits (available from Ravelry and the DRK website). Gillian is knitting the Impossible Girl Socks which is a free pattern available on Ravelry and the LoveCraft Website.

Kylie also dug out her Misurina (ravelry link – also available on the Boyland Knits website) made with gorgeous yarns from fibre2go. It’s so close to being finished, so it’s top of the list for our Kiwi Summer WIP-along!

The Tolkien crochet blanket has been getting lots of love – Kylie has finished joining 24 squares in a join as you go method. Yarn is from Giddy Yarns in Scotland, and there are 5 x 10g minis for each month of the yar in 2022, Q1 inspired by The Hobbit and Q2-4 inspired by each Lord of the Rings book.

Gillian picked up her self-made gradient cakes to make a Knit ‘n Slide Shawl by Westknits (Pattern available on Ravelry and the Westknits Website). It’s so close to being finished so she should be able to get it done this weekend – it looks amazing!

Kylie is still plugging away at her Recalibrate (Ravelry link – you can also find it on her website). The yarns are both merino linen blends, purple from Life in the Long Grass (purchased at Skein Sisters, Sydney) and green/blue ‘Splash’ from Yeah Yeah Yarn.

Last podcast we talked about the Doctor Who scarf – and that night Gillian jumped online and purchased the yarn from Ribbon Rose to make the original Tom Baker scarf (BBC pattern available here). She has cast it on, but didn’t bring it to show as it’s a big project with all the yarn!!


Gillian had a lovey time at the Morrinsville Spin-In last weekend – Kylie couldn’t make it because she was working. While she was there she got some fibre2go fiber and started spinning it straight away! It was a nice quiet day with lots of chatting, spinning and browsing.

Loopine Wool got an awesome new branded measuring tape which Kylie just had to have so she put an order in – with NO YARN!!! Instead she got some bits and bobs for mending as well as a couple of books/magazines (Pom Pom Magazine and Rowan ‘Abstract’)


Please join us in finishing some of your WIP’s started before 2023! We have at least one prize to giveaway – a skein donated from Purple Sprouting. Thanks Paula!! To enter, dig out a WIP started before 2023 and finish it; then snap a shot and post it on Instagram with #kiwisummerwip in the description. If you don’t have access to Instagram, please drop us an email via the link in this blog.

Kylie’s made some plans for 2023 involving her WIPs and yarn. She’s following the 23 in 23 WIP projects alongside The Passioknit Spinner, which is to finish 23 textile projects that were started prior to 2023.

In terms of yarn, Kylie wants to use more than she purchases this year! The ‘math’ for this is that a skein/set of minis etc. is a +1 and when i use a skine it becomes a -1. At the end of the year, the aim is to be less than zero (a negative number).

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